Great Data Minds

Getting Out of the Machine Learning POC Cycle Funk

April 1, 2021

While the vast majority of companies are waking to the possible benefits of integrating AI applications to their products and internal business processes, few are succeeding to do this at scale and see returns on investment. Those that are, stand to achieve a severe competitive advantage.


What you will learn during this session:

What is the impact of successfully scaling AI/ML and what it is worth to the organization.

A clear understanding of what a POC cycle is.

What is key in your approach for escaping this cycle

Why is it that so many models that seemingly perform well in development then fail to perform in production?

A strategy to maximize success in moving from lab to production


Please join us and our special guest Eric Topham, CEO and Founder of The Data Analysis Bureau, one of a leading AI/ML organizations as we discuss efficiencies in AI/ML programs and provide insights on how to stay out of the dreaded POC cycle.

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